July 4th New Moon in Cancer

Tonight begins the New Moon, dear ones.  It will be exact tomorrow (July 4th) at 4:01 am PDT.  This gives us a bit of stillness, a bit of quiet, a bit of need for retreat with this U.S. holiday.  We are also under the spell of the Moon, the Sun and Mercury all in Cancer right now.

Cancer is the only sign ruled by La Luna.  She is perhaps the most sensitive to the tides out of all the water signs, and we know all water signs run deep with emotions and intuitive energy.  Cancer is all about security and protection.  She is associated with home and family; she is the ultimate caretaker.  She is the Crab and known for acting moody, but she only does this to protect her sensitivities.  The Crab is soft and delicious inside.  She carries her shelter and all her defenses with her to protect the beautiful, tender, succulent inner-being.  She is extremely loyal, and she is cautious about who is allowed in her inner circle of friends and confidants.  She is highly clairvoyant (like all water signs), so truth-telling is really the best way to go with Cancer-types.  She will FEEL lies or evasive energy even if you are totally playing it cool.  This will lead to a disruption in the force, and somehow the truth will be revealed.  Cancer asks for respect, for that is the code she lives by.

So, we’ve got Luna nice and strong in the sign of her domain AND she is dark, telling us to quiet, quiet, quiet down.  Not an easy thing to do with the fireworks displays and party propaganda.  But you can find a moment, or a few moments here and there, to just sit and be still.  To listen and tune in and FEEL.   There might be a pull to isolate a little bit, especially with all the Cancer energy calling us into our shells, calling us to retreat and follow the tides.  There also can be a pull to have relationship talks.  This is a good time for communicating and intimacy, but not for ultimatums or decision-making.  When Luna is dark, we are assessing and processing, not acting yet.

A little on Mars stationing direct:

I am staying out on a sweet little island near Seattle this weekend.  I have been in need of retreat for some time, and finally here I am.  The recent Mars retrograde (4/17/16-6/29/16) kind of kicked my butt…especially as it activated my 7th house of relationships and dropped back into my 6th house of health and work.  I was delighted when Mars stationed direct this past Wednesday (at 4:38 pm PDT), and I think that has a lot to do with my natal Mars being in Cancer himself (in my 2nd house of values, pleasure and resources).  Mars is somewhat debilitated in Cancer’s introverted, lunar energy.  When Mars is retrograde, our “personal” Mars is also activated, and I have been aggressively bumping up against how my own yang energy really needs a sense of safety, trust, boundaries and emotional clarity.  Otherwise the passion of my Mars will leak out in unhealthy passive aggressive ways like feeling shut down, brooding, going silent, or getting pissed out of the blue because I haven’t communicated my needs (or maybe haven’t even been in touch with my needs).  For me, patient communication and lots of self-care are the necessary ingredients to supporting my ability to express my needs, desires and emotions in a healthy and intelligent way.

The stationing period of any planet is a “thick” time, so to speak.  The apparent planetary movement is very, very, VERY slow during stationing (direct or retrograde).  Mars stationing direct can bring up a lot of challenging issues regarding how we get triggered and how we deal with passionate energy like anger, competition and our sense of power.  This can be a time when big things seem to be “falling apart” – relationships that don’t work, jobs that we’re sick of, where we live needing to change.  Even our very identity can feel put to the test.  What are we made of?  What are we REALLY made of when we take off the mask?

I encourage you to spend some time during this New Moon to take off your mask, safely within the recesses of your mind and heart.  Give yourself precious moments of alone time.  Connect with family and those close to you and notice how gifted this time is.  Our lives are so very short, so very fleeting.  It is by miraculous chance and power that we are “here” in these bodies.  These changing, sacred vessels for life are the homes we carry for our souls in this lifetime.  Emotional freedom, connection, security, love, protection and tenderness are the birthrights of every single soul.  Not only souls who have money.  Not only souls who fit the mold of the environment.  Not only souls who appear to be doing good works.  Every soul.

May we offer this protection, this love, this shelter to our own sweet souls.  May we become very quiet and very still now and then, reserving time and space for this inner noticing.  Sitting near water is very helpful for this. 

May we often allow any and all concepts of who we are/what we own/what we have control over to just dissolve completely for a few moments, especially during New Moon.  Go into this dark time ready to transform.

Honor the self.  Honor all the parts, the “this is where I’m at,” the “this is what I need.”  Honor your bandwidth and your emotional capacity.  Honor even your insecurities!  We think it’s so bad to admit that we have them, like it is weak to have a bruised ego or feel jealous or hurt or confused.  It is human, my loves!  We help each other when we admit how human we really are.

Free yourself.  Even here in the privacy of your own heart.  Especially here.

May the heart of love flower upon your mind.

I love you.