Full Moon in Capricorn and Here Comes the Leo Sun!

Pregnant Luna reaches fullness on July 19th at 3:57 pm PDT in the steady and hardworking sign of Capricorn. 

Her ripeness in Capricorn symbolizes the collective need to “get to work.”  What needs to be done?  This can mean finishing up lingering projects and crossing off the to-do list.  It can mean tuning in to your pragmatic side, the part of you that is willing to take things step-by-step as well as give things the final push.  It can also mean setting aside time to go within and look at the “bigger picture” of your existence.

If you believe in soul-contracts (agreements our souls make before taking birth), you might feel a sense of purpose bubbling up for you with this Full Moon.  You might even feel like your higher self is demanding that you show up and pay attention.  Old patterns and ways of being that don’t work are simply unsustainable now.  Capricorn is represented by the Goat, and she is concerned with functionality and practicality.  She is cardinal earth, which means she takes initiative to create grounded and tangible change.  She is here to weed out the behaviors and thought patterns that are stumbling blocks or traps.  She is high-functioning and helps us keep a steady pace on the path of life.  She is ruled by Saturn, the disciplinarian, which gives her major willpower and the ability to focus.

Luna’s exact fullness marks a void period until she enters Aquarius at 8:10 pm PDT.  The void Moon is a time to reflect, go within and listen.  Find the pause in the wheel of life; find perspective.

This Full Moon is also the celebration of Guru Purnima, a sacred festival originating from India and Nepal in which the teacher or guru is honored.  The Sanskrit word “guru” can be defined simply as “the darkness destroyer” (gu = darkness, ru = destroyer).  It is a great gift to experience a teacher who lights our path and brings us into greater awareness, understanding, respect and love.

It is beautiful to take some time with this Moon to offer thanks for those teachers and gurus who have guided us and supported us, who have challenged us and accepted us and loved us.  The true teacher is here to reflect the light within the student.  It is a blessing both ways.

During the Full Moon, the Sun lies directly opposite Luna.  The Sun is finishing up his stay in the waters of Cancer, and he is preparing to enter the domain of Leo this Friday (July 22nd) at 2:30 am PDT. 

The Sun illuminates the house in your chart that is ruled by the sign in which he is traveling.  We all have the entire zodiac within us, in different ways.  Each sign represents an “aspect” of being.  Leo is all about self-expression.  He is noble, courageous and charming.  He can come across as ego-centric or even selfish when his energy is out of balance.  In truth, Leo understands that self-love and self-expression are key components of spreading joy in the world.

The Sun will be joining Venus and Mercury in Leo, who entered the Lion’s Den last week, setting the stage for the pinnacle of Summer.  Leo values art, romance, creativity, family, love and performance.  Leo can be indulgent, like the ripe Summer harvest.  So: the self (Sun), the mind (Mercury) and feminine love energy (Venus) are all in the Lion’s Den together again – and the sign of fixed fire is igniting everyone’s sense of self.  The ego can also get ignited under this fire sign, and when too many aggrandized egos start crowding a room – well, we all know it ain’t pretty.

Hop off the ego train and use the fire of Leo to light up your purpose and your path. 

Your wellness, your brightness, your talent and your heart are much needed in the world.  This planet is in so much pain, so much confusion, and the wheel of karma is plowing forward at tremendous speed.  Can we respond with quiet kindness?  Can we offer the alchemy that is necessary to turn apathy into caring, hate into forgiveness and fear into love?

What we have considered “self” is the biggest lie that we have been feeding ourselves for centuries upon centuries.

Small self is a shadow of the truth of What Is. 

When small self thinks it is in charge, it feeds the creation of a false paradigm in which many small selves are competing for attention and power.  This has manifested as a world full of conflict, poverty, violence, abuse, pain and disease.

However, the Universe is self-correcting.  She may just self-correct humans out of existence if we can’t get our act together.

On another note, as La Luna wanes from her fullness into Crone and back into the darkness of new beginnings, Mars will be retracing his steps in Scorpio back into Sagittarius.  He has regained his usual speed after stationing direct, so any mire we may have been feeling from June 19th – July 12th should be clearing up or at least MOVING in a new direction by now.  This can also speak to desires coming to fruition, romance taking off (or falling apart), and inner conflict sorting itself out.

Mars energy is HOT, and he is currently heating up the final degrees of Scorpio (again).  Scorpio encourages shadow work and deep exploration of emotions and our sensual/sexual nature.  Scorpio is anything but superficial and she doesn’t care about societal norms, which is why she is so often shrouded in mystery.

For those of you who are geeky like me, you might find it useful to know that from now until our next New Moon, Mars will be retracing the same territory he was in from:

May 27th – June 12th

February 22nd – March 7th

Mars energy is powerful, and this past Mars retrograde certainly threw me for a loop, so I wanted to share these dates for the sake of reflection.

Mars will re-enter Sagittarius on August 2nd on the day of the New Moon.

This is potent energy available to us, dear ones!

I wish you magickal transformation and radical self-love.


Misfit Mystic



Full Moon photo by the talented Michael Ludwig.  Find his writings and more photos at 5edges.wordpress.com




Return to the Self

Return to the Self
Not the small self
Who believes it is separate
Who believes it has any chance of winning or losing
Some imaginary war
Return to the Supreme Self
Bring everything you have
All your riches
All your depravity
All your cunning and desire and broken pieces
The Self awaits to consume
Every aspect of your being
With a love that is unspeakable
The light of the Self shines so brightly
And the mind is so opaque
It cannot fathom the brightness
This light of love
Is going to burn it all
Until only truth remains
There is a relief in truth
A lightness in truth
It is egolessness
Truth does not aggrandize itself
Or diminish itself
It is what it is
Truth will not be realized by force
It is the opposite of that
It is letting go
Death to ego
Even as you caress the image of your false identity
Even as you clutch to a story of who you are supposed to be
Forget the story
Forget the assumption that there must be a story
Even as countless stories are playing out on the world stage
Every drama of life unfolding
Moment to moment
Creating concentric ripples like rain on a lake
So many of them!
Even so,
Stillness abides
When we step into the chamber
Of the Witness
Like stepping off the wheel of Karma
Into Grace
Any itch of thinking that anything should or could be different
Than it is right now
Anything else, can fall away
Your past or future or even present circumstance
Has no bearing on the eternal presence that resides
In you and as you
This presence that knows what a journey you are on
And says ‘Yes’
To the path you are carving
As you make your way home
Sat Nam

Lullaby to the ego

The ego is like a neglected child
Pining for attention
Acting out to get noticed
Acting out of fear
for it has forgotten that in truth
it is never lost
and its parents are always closer than its very breath
The unchecked ego is running around
like a chicken with its head cut off
Like a loose cannon
not knowing which way to run or who to shoot
It is exhausting to carry an ego like this
The ego and the mind battling for control
In a place of stillness,
some perspective comes
when one has received a deeper nourishment than food and shelter can provide
a certain care emanates from the heart
a certain softness takes over
In this place the Universe expands
and wealth and popularity are zeroed out for everyone
It’s a story! This shroud we carry
The experience is free, the story adds the weight
How much weight do you want in this lifetime?
And if you put your story down,
do you believe in flight?
Sweet ego
You have been trying so hard
for so long
You deserve a rest
Thank you for protecting me and fighting for me and running when the need arose
Thank you for seeking pleasure when the world felt bleak,
for digging for the sparkle amidst the rubble.
Can you soothe the ego
like you would soothe a neglected child?
You might have to hold it for a long time
Keep it warm and let it feel your heartbeat
until it feels safe enough
to relax its grip
and let the Grace that you are
take the reigns
If your ego wakes up from nightmares, not to worry
just rock it back to its resting place
Sweet one, sleep
It’s time for flying lessons