Personality Vs. Presence

I’m attracted to Presence, not personality

Presence is self-sourcing, and can therefor listen, witness and serve from a full cup

Presence is flowing throughout all of nature, all of life, all that does not question its worth or its ability to give and receive love

Anchored Presence creates the eco-system in which Source Consciousness is drawn to abide

and flourish


personality has so many conditions

Personality is always trying, trying, trying to

Do Something

Achieve Something

Prove Something

Win at Something

Personality is a puppet that must prop itself up in all kinds of ways –

with looks, talents, charm, status, money, education, credentials, reputation, popularity, belief systems, obsessions, addictions, affirmations, promises, resolutions, approval from others…

(etc etc etc ad nauseam)


It is Presence that is beautiful to me

Presence will provide shelter

while personality is too caught up in its efforts to impress, improve and survive

Presence will love when no one else will

while personality will be scrambling to fit in, not look bad and avoid judgment from others at all cost


Presence is a bright light

born of soul embodiment and a cracked open heart

(My flame burns stronger to be near you)

Personality is a trickster, born of mind

always in costume, shapeshifting, dissolving and rebuilding itself

(together, we play dress-up and go to the Masquerade Ball)

Presence is generous

needing nothing to give of itself

taking nothing beyond what is freely given

And in this way, Presence can truly receive

(My waters rush toward you)

Personality is constantly working itself like a slave

to claim things, own things, colonize things –

including ideas, including people, including love

Presence knows the freedom of Surrender

Personality knows the stress and fear of gripping tightly

to the façade of control


I’m not interested your accolades, your achievements, your striving for more

I’m interested in how you show up with yourself in your darkest hours

How you commune with Gaia, her elements and her creatures

How you kiss the air, how you let the lungs of Creator

breathe you

How you touch Life with your love

How you let love touch you


Your personality isn’t bad (not at all, please don’t whip it or cast it away)

but it is clothing

and sometimes armor

A veil of separation covering the exquisite truth of you

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not done with my personality

(or my personality isn’t done with me)

But these days

I like to wear it loosely, scantily

A little seduction, expressing aspects of ego and shadow and power games

A playfulness in knowing

that this temporary shield is coming off very soon

A union of wholeness into wholeness awaits us

in presence to the Now

and by lifting the veil

I stand before Naked Presence

as the Naked Bride



Photo by Kacper Zaremba on Unsplash


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