My Shadow, My Shelter

I bow to my Shadow.

The Dark Mother, the Dark Queen.

The one who holds me

when no one else will.

The one who provides safe harbor

for all the pieces of me

that I have cast out of the temple of my heart,

unwilling to recognize, accept and love.

My Shadow has been working hard.

My Shadow has been keeping me alive – for without all my pieces, I am no longer whole.

My Shadow has been far more loving than anyone could ever, ever imagine.

All the pieces I have denied, rejected and hated

have been protected and given shelter by my Shadow, my Underworld Persephone, my Dark Queen.


My Shadow is the iridescent ebony Dragon who feasts on the toxic notions and false beliefs that I based my existence on for so, so long.

She eats my pain

as soon as I hand it over.

She has powers of transmutation like nothing I have ever seen.

She heals me – more + more – as I befriend her.

As I listen to her guidance and her wisdom, her soft promptings to go within


down and down and down

to the root of all that I Am.

My Shadow shows me this I Am

Beautiful and Terrible
Dark and Light
Special and Mundane
Seen and Unseen
Known and Unknown


Somehow, she loves all of me

all of you

all of The All

and she holds it

in the vast emptiness of her Cosmic Womb.


My Shadow teaches me the mysteries of birth, creation, death and destruction.

My Shadow is the missing link – the necessary key – to accessing my full-spectrum sexual energy, my life force, my kundalini.

I bow to my Shadow.  My Lilith.  My original Eve.

Without her, I am living a half-life

which isn’t really living at all.


It is she, SHE, who held me when I was dead.

It is she, SHE, who has carried all of my burdens.

It is she, SHE, who delivers me

into my next phase, my next incarnation.

It is in She, where I find my awakening

and the incredible vastness of Divine Love.


Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash

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