Naked Astronauts

Just stand naked inside yourself.


and every time you greet the day.

Give yourself the simplicity

of being on this spaceship ride.

We’re all astronauts, you know.

This rock is flying through space.


You climbed aboard because your spirit was calling for more

in the world of contrast and duality.

More expressing!

More creating!

More growing!

More healing!

More understanding!

More loving!

More kissing!

More becoming!

More More More!

It is an abundant universe, my friends.

And it is expanding.


From your Star-state,

the place where you were before this place,

you knew everything

would be OK.

For you had been reminded of love,

believe me,

you had been reminded.

You arrived and were provided a sacred vehicle for your starlight residence on Earth.

Your one personal belonging.

Believe me when I tell you,

this is your astronaut suit.


Do you remember feeling the gravity pulling you in toward this jewel planet?

Do you remember your desire to take birth?

Your desire,

your magnetic and precious and holy desire,

has led you back to Gaia,

countless times by now.


Feel this:

your desire

and your will

lining up with the Great Unfolding.

Your heart is on fire and burning


for more of it

more Truth

more Love

more Truth-Love.

And you feel the truth of all things cutting you down to size

into a thousand unrecognizable pieces

and smaller still

just to prepare you for your own undoing.

The truth of all things is compressing you into the diamond that you are.

This truth is fastening you to Love like nothing else can.

This truth is fastening you to Love like nothing else can.



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