Surf Lessons

There is a wave upon this planet, dear ones,

didn’t you know —

and the Lord of Love is teaching surf lessons for free.


Lessons begin promptly every morning

as soon as you arrive.

Make no mistake:

The Teacher has been waiting for you.


The time of your awakening to this new day

is always the perfect time,

your own perfect dawning —

and yet, the Lord of Love will sense your hesitancy



to procrastinate

to avoid, distract and otherwise delay

your own very homecoming!

Coming home to the sacred soul who walks with you

lifetime after lifetime.

Coming home to the one who awaits its freedom

beneath every single facade

beneath every excuse

beneath every denial of your own superpowers.

The denial itself is a sham,

a boring and tired story about unworthiness,

and it is keeping you locked up inside

keeping you from taking that thrilling dive

into the Great Sea,

which could mean death,

certainly death of complacency,

and quite possibly the death of your entire prison structure.



if you are at all like me,

and you stand shyly upon the shore sometimes,

not quite convinced that you are cut from the same cloth

as the souls who have already claimed their freedom,

well that’s when the Teacher might give you a literal shove, as He runs ahead of you into the waves.

You hear His booming command trailing behind His exquisite form:

“Pick up the damn board and jump in!”


7 thoughts on “Surf Lessons

  1. You intrigue me and I would love to learn more about you. In case you are assuming I am just shallow, I would like to say I am not. But yes i am intrigued. I would like to obtain the password to your private posts and if you wish to, you can email me from my blog…

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