Imagine that everything that has ever happened to you has been for your greater good.


Imagine the clearing of karma that has taken place, like a huge sweeping upon the soul inhabiting that body of yours.

Imagine the deepening of the lessons in this life like the beautiful canyons upon this beautiful, life-giving planet.

The deepening of the lessons like the lines upon the faces of the Ancient Ones, a deepening that forces you to bow from an unknown place, pressing your face and heart and whole body upon the ground.

Have you been humbled by now?

So many of us have been humbled by pain, but not by Love.

We cry out when we reach the end of ourselves, the limitations of ego, the desperate place of knowing there is something else, something better than this terrible experience – be it the dark corners of the mind or the drama of our inner-landscape being reflected in our 3D reality.

Gradually all pain and all drama begins stamping out any desire but the purity of our Oneness with the Divine.

And we might think we are only trying to escape the pain, find relief, but something much greater is at play.

We might think we are at the end, but we are actually waiting to be born.

And truly, in the bleakest and darkest moments, we may meet the brightest dawn.

So let us fall in love with the black night sky,

as we imagine this kind of Light….



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