Naked Astronauts

Just stand naked inside yourself.


and every time you greet the day.

Give yourself the simplicity

of being on this spaceship ride.

We’re all astronauts, you know.

This rock is flying through space.


You climbed aboard because your spirit was calling for more

in the world of contrast and duality.

More expressing!

More creating!

More growing!

More healing!

More understanding!

More loving!

More kissing!

More becoming!

More More More!

It is an abundant universe, my friends.

And it is expanding.


From your Star-state,

the place where you were before this place,

you knew everything

would be OK.

For you had been reminded of love,

believe me,

you had been reminded.

You arrived and were provided a sacred vehicle for your starlight residence on Earth.

Your one personal belonging.

Believe me when I tell you,

this is your astronaut suit.


Do you remember feeling the gravity pulling you in toward this jewel planet?

Do you remember your desire to take birth?

Your desire,

your magnetic and precious and holy desire,

has led you back to Gaia,

countless times by now.


Feel this:

your desire

and your will

lining up with the Great Unfolding.

Your heart is on fire and burning


for more of it

more Truth

more Love

more Truth-Love.

And you feel the truth of all things cutting you down to size

into a thousand unrecognizable pieces

and smaller still

just to prepare you for your own undoing.

The truth of all things is compressing you into the diamond that you are.

This truth is fastening you to Love like nothing else can.

This truth is fastening you to Love like nothing else can.



Surf Lessons

There is a wave upon this planet, dear ones,

didn’t you know —

and the Lord of Love is teaching surf lessons for free.


Lessons begin promptly every morning

as soon as you arrive.

Make no mistake:

The Teacher has been waiting for you.


The time of your awakening to this new day

is always the perfect time,

your own perfect dawning —

and yet, the Lord of Love will sense your hesitancy



to procrastinate

to avoid, distract and otherwise delay

your own very homecoming!

Coming home to the sacred soul who walks with you

lifetime after lifetime.

Coming home to the one who awaits its freedom

beneath every single facade

beneath every excuse

beneath every denial of your own superpowers.

The denial itself is a sham,

a boring and tired story about unworthiness,

and it is keeping you locked up inside

keeping you from taking that thrilling dive

into the Great Sea,

which could mean death,

certainly death of complacency,

and quite possibly the death of your entire prison structure.



if you are at all like me,

and you stand shyly upon the shore sometimes,

not quite convinced that you are cut from the same cloth

as the souls who have already claimed their freedom,

well that’s when the Teacher might give you a literal shove, as He runs ahead of you into the waves.

You hear His booming command trailing behind His exquisite form:

“Pick up the damn board and jump in!”



Imagine that everything that has ever happened to you has been for your greater good.


Imagine the clearing of karma that has taken place, like a huge sweeping upon the soul inhabiting that body of yours.

Imagine the deepening of the lessons in this life like the beautiful canyons upon this beautiful, life-giving planet.

The deepening of the lessons like the lines upon the faces of the Ancient Ones, a deepening that forces you to bow from an unknown place, pressing your face and heart and whole body upon the ground.

Have you been humbled by now?

So many of us have been humbled by pain, but not by Love.

We cry out when we reach the end of ourselves, the limitations of ego, the desperate place of knowing there is something else, something better than this terrible experience – be it the dark corners of the mind or the drama of our inner-landscape being reflected in our 3D reality.

Gradually all pain and all drama begins stamping out any desire but the purity of our Oneness with the Divine.

And we might think we are only trying to escape the pain, find relief, but something much greater is at play.

We might think we are at the end, but we are actually waiting to be born.

And truly, in the bleakest and darkest moments, we may meet the brightest dawn.

So let us fall in love with the black night sky,

as we imagine this kind of Light….



Vulture for Prey

The Lord of Love has descended upon you so quickly.

The Lord of Love is like a vulture for its prey.


And all this time, you thought it was “you” running the show.

Small you, seeking God.

But then,

when you remember who You are,

what are we even talking about?

Who is seeking Who?


The Lord of Love is like a vulture for its prey.



On the Subject of Hope

Hope itself is a sin – as in a separation from Source.
The word “sin” is very charged for many of us, even those of us who were not raised within dogmatic religious teachings.
~ Please understand: the only “sin” that can ever happen is our own sense of separation from the Source of all that is, the Source of Love itself.  From that false belief in separation, all mistakes are made.
And let’s be honest – sinning (forgetting, separating our conscious awareness from unification with Source) happens all the time!  It’s okay.  We are all forgiven (in forgiving ourselves).  We can always remember (that is the Grace).  We are born of Free Will.  So take the charge out of the idea of “sin” and read on from a place of self-love and self-acceptance ~ 
The very idea of hope speaks to our sense of separation.
The concept of hope itself sends us into a spiral (of existence) that creates a situation where hope must exist in the first place.
Instead, know the deeper truth:
We already have what we want, we are simply “pulling it out of thin air,” so to speak.
That which we desire is being received, from Universe into our lives.
The connection to all Love is here now, the Infinite Truth is here now, and the manifestation of That Which We Believe is already complete.
Our requests are being heard and honored, and our selected experiences are handed back to us in perfect form.
 “Perfect” as in an exact match to our vibration, born of our core beliefs and desires.  Made to order.  We are given exactly what we are telling ourselves.
 Thich Nat Hahn talks about hope being a fallacy, in the book Peace is Every Step… I didn’t understand this when I read it many years ago, and that chapter both fascinated me and irritated me.  I felt like I needed hope then, and for years I continued to feel that I needed hope.  I was carrying loads of unworthiness, and all kinds of other negative beliefs and emotions that kept me dancing around but unable to merge with the light of my own being.
Hope was a beautiful thing, a sense of Grace, and on some level I did need the experience of hope and even the clinging to hope — because my story desired to express that way.  My story desired itself, for its own understanding.  This is how Creation works.
Then eventually, the story unravels and even hope is a separation from the seat of our true desires and our true power – which is the very hand on the Wheel of Life.
 Now, does this mean that hope is “bad” or “wrong”?
No, of course not.  Beyond the paradigm of good/bad and right/wrong, we can see much more clearly.  There is only this moment.  And there is only you as Creator.  No separation.  So, what is good for you in this moment, in this season of your evolution?  What is right for you right now?
 Sometimes, we grab hold of evolutionary teachings way before we are ready for them.  For example, the well known Buddhist teaching:  “If you see the Buddha in the road, kill him.”  What kind of violent teaching is that from a lineage that teaches inner-peace and non-violence to all?  Very discordant.
However, if we can see this teaching as the attachment to “hope” itself, or to guru in form, or to guru outside of our own being-ness — and if the sword that we use to “kill with” is the sword of Truth Light, the sword that Kali (Hindu Goddess of Liberation) yields to cut truth from untruth, illusion from clarity, falsity from reality, death from deathlessness — then we have a much more expansive teaching to work with.
All of our efforts are seen, heard and received by this Law of Truth, which some may call Law of Attraction, which is really Source saying YES, to you and me and all of us.
A thousand times YES.
This is the generous, opulent Universe – that is Your Very Reflection.
 Hope is a gatekeeper.  Hope has Angel wings, and is whispering “keep going, keep going sweet one, don’t give up, you are very near, getting warmer, keep going!”
Like sorrow, like suffering, like broken hearts…. hope can draw us towards the union with Source/Self and the alignment of our deepest desires.
But hope is not the landing pad!
Keep going.
Step beyond the hope, into the fulfillment.
You are ready, you were BORN READY, and the beauty is that this is your journey – your free will journey into the Vastness that is your holy desire.
Sometimes hope is very close to the gate of Union, like a shy lover already in the arms of the Beloved, saying “Are you Real, my Beloved?  Can I trust this?”  With this geometry of hope, it can be as easy as letting go, surrendering to Love, like a wiggly tooth that has been hanging on by a thread of skin finally breaking free.  Not too much ouch.  Maybe tears of relief and gratitude.  Amazement.
Let go of hope like that wiggly tooth.
Sometimes hope is farther away, especially when the experience of fear and sorrow is overbearing.  Hope is a flickering light.
Hope is a literal Angel willing to carry us for a time.  This Angel will carry us closer and closer to the gate of our Union with the Beloved, if we let it.  Then it will teach us to stand alone, and walk through the door of Union.
Then we will wash hope from us like soap from the body.
There are also those times when hope is just a sticky bowl of illusion.
“Expect the worst and hope for the best.”
Who coined that phrase?  It’s terrible!
One of my ex-boyfriends used to say that a lot.  Needless to say, his life was full of struggles, as was my experience with him.
What happens if we expect the worst?  What do we get?
Yes – you got it – we get THAT WHICH WE EXPECT.
Source Universe says YES.
It’s like saying “I know something terrible is going to happen, but I wish something better would maybe possible happen.  Just maybe, even though I know I don’t deserve good things to happen.”
You just convinced the Universe that you want more terrible things to happen.
Because that’s what you are believing in.
 The Angel of Hope is like a beautiful muse to draw you closer to your Union, but she is not the Union itself, she is not the destination.
But let’s be clear:
You don’t have to kick hope to the curb.  You can love her, thank her, and allow her to flow freely wherever she can serve Source.  She’s got those Angel wings….