The Guru, the Gift

Love is Guru.

Time is Guru.

Anger is Guru.

So is fear.

My children are the Guru — Guru of Gurus they are!

My parents are also Guru, in all of our closeness and non-closeness.

Energy is Guru.

Stillness is Guru.

Even exhaustion, depression, illness and pain are the Guru – powerful, life-changing Guru.  The Guru that shows you what you are really made of.

Sex is Guru.

Sexual union can allow the Supreme Consciousness to flow up the spine and into the heart, if we let it.  The experience of oneness will explode in the 3rd eye, for a sustained orgasmic state dissolves the illusory barrier between “you” and “them,” between “you” and the Divine, between “you” and all that is.

But we don’t need sex for that.

The Is-ness of this moment is teeming with potency, with the fruit and flavor of our conscious awareness and our unconscious awareness.  The power is in our focus, the lens of the mind.

It is the subtle shift in perceptive which will allow the heart and the whole body to soften, and allow the soul to again take the wheel.

There is no separation.

The soul is “you.”  The mind and its collection of thoughts, beliefs, ideas and concepts is a giant wardrobe which the soul can wear, when it chooses.

But truly, the soul needs no clothes.

No thoughts, ideas, concepts, beliefs, identities.

Only if it serves you or others, then wear these hats, these clothes.

But remember to take them off and stand naked with yourself, be the bare, raw essence of pure existence.

Caress even that duality, caress non-existence.

Know that you are also That, the nothingness.


There is no end to this infinite life.


And these precious moments ticking by, they are wild and free.

They are as malleable as our dreams.

Stand naked with your soul, and listen to the Gift.

Breathe it in, again and again, but noticing this time – the air filling your lungs – a gift.

The eyes that can see or the ears that can hear – a gift.

The ability to close the eyes and see the inner-world, what a gift indeed.



Thoughts on Forty

I woke up inside my body and became aware – I am here – temporarily so, yes – but here I reside, for this precious now.  Here, in this life, this particular design.  This paper thin slice of the matrix pie.  This form, this flesh, this blood, these bones.  This skin and these eyes.  This mind calculating what it sees.  This heart-mind, prodding the eyes to see more.

The white flag of surrender.  Everything is the teacher, everything is guru.  Every possible incarnation exists and it is inextricable from Source and therefor inextricable from me, or you.

We are each vines from the eternal presence which is Source.  And we are each the other – one another – we are everything upon existence as our consciousness moves to match that frequency.

For you, as Source, have a deep desire to experience all of yourself – all of your potential – as the being that you are in this lifetime and every other possible incarnation of you.  These incarnations are infinite.

The infinite is one with eternity.  And eternity is a very long time, my friends.  A very-very-very long time (in the linear sense), in which the CHOICE to experience what it means to be EVERYTHING is our own free will.  From the point of view of Eternal Source Consciousness, there is nothing to lose, ever, in the grandest sense.

We are here for this moment, and truly we are conductors of Source in this time capsule which exists moment to moment.  We are also morphing into the formation of who we know ourselves to be from moment to moment.  In essence, we exist as geometric light rays, playing upon the sublime pattern of this universe.

The soul seeks expansion, and it is that which these light rays will respond to upon this planet (and every other possible planet within this universe and every other possible universe).  And if you ponder it for even a moment, you will have an experience of what another universe could possibly be, and you will know yourself as THAT.  It exists and you exist as it.

The sheer magnitude of this.

From this expanded awareness, that ALL exists and that we are the It or the Is-ness, we come back to our bodies and our breath, here and now.

We come back to this Earth, this grand experiment, this sacred home for life.  We come back to our own particular place upon Gaia, which we are choosing with our free will from moment to moment.

We chose this life.

Our soul came here with a mission.  Once awakened, the heart will hear the mission loud and clear – from moment to moment.  The mind may still get confused – let the heart guide it and help it relax so the dust of thoughts can settle and vision can become clear.

Use the channel of the 5th chakra at the throat center to help make the connection between 4th chakra (heart chakra) and 6th chakra (at 3rd eye), deep inside the brain.  Chanting mantra, singing and of course conscious breathing will all clear the 5th chakra.  Also, not wasting words, not complaining and not speaking ill of others (it happens, but we can tame these habits, as we tame the horses of the mind).

Sitting in silence is very often the best medicine.

Listening to the silence and opening the heart-mind to receive.


I am forty today, and still just learning to listen, still just learning to receive.

Forty years is but a baby’s breath to the Goddess, married to Source, who laughs from the deep belly of the Creative Wisdom, laughs as another one becomes teachable.