The Calling


We are being called to give darshan (infinite blessing) to all of the un-healed parts of ourselves.

We are being asked not to wait any longer.

There is no use hiding or pretending, so stop now lest you deprive yourself of precious moments.

The Lord of Love is here to

Cleanse your soul

The Lord of Love seeks your

Supreme Liberation

The Lord of Love only desires your

pure, uncensored heart.

And this is why you must surrender everything,

Everything you wish to keep

And everything you wish to be free from.

Remember that the ego wants to own many things, even (and sometimes especially) suffering.

“My pain”

“My debt”

“My sacrifice”

The Lord of Love says GIVE IT ALL TO ME.


There is an ever-present Love and it is seeping into all the beautiful cracks within the mind’s attempt to block out the brightness of Truth.

There is a power called Grace and it is working ceaselessly to dismantle all illusions, cutting Truth from untruth.

As the soul undergoes this polishing, one may experience immense grief, as if someone close to us has died — and truly, there is a death as we allow falsehood to fall away.

When ego mind is shattered, one can only wave the white flag.

When the illusion of self/other is slain, one can only accept.

Throughout all of this,

God is simply sharpening the peaks and valleys

of the Grand Design

through this lens, this experience.

And truly, the Creator is living

This life, as you – me – us – them, right now.

This is the most humbling thing I know.



There are no others.   ~ Sri Ramana Maharishi



4 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. So beautiful, lovely Libra.
    and how I relate.

    I have missed you so.

    It is such a pleasure to have a space to share news of the week ahead – downright positive, dotted by an optimistic powerful moon in Sagittarius and a beneficial direction change by beloved planet Jupiter. Not only do we get an encouraging gorgeous full moon and a long-awaited Jupiter shift, but there’s also a helpful interaction between Venus and Mars. Jai Ma! What adventures await us?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly! Love your wisdom, rapturous one.
      This full moon washed over me like a big wave — and my 7th house of relationships. Love and commitment are big in my life these days. Undoubtedly assisted by Saturn’s near 2 year run in Sag. This was the last full moon in Sagittarius with Saturn that we will experience for decades!
      I do feel a sense of “turning the page”….
      Om Namah Shivaya


  2. Not all full moons are as joyful as Friday’s Sagittarius beautiful full moon. Finally Jupiter moves forward bestowing cosmic gifts and showering us with lucky opportunities! I am sure with it being in Libra one-on-one relating is important to you. I think we will all notice increased sweetness and understanding in relationships.

    I didn’t know that about Saturn! I do know it has presented challenges for me- crossing my ascendent and all. I hope it is soon out of orb. I am ready to let go of the old me.

    Glad the bitch is back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! ❤
      This Thursday the Sun opposes your rising, and on Sunday it will be Mercury’s turn to do the same. It will be especially poignant if your rising is 22° – 29° Sagittarius.


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