Some Love

The truth

Lies somewhere in the middle

Let me find that place

Between what I want

And what you want


All wanting


Beyond that


Beyond fear

Beyond rage

Beyond hopelessness

Or complacency

Beyond even

A sense of urgency to fix what is broken

What is un-healed


Beyond that

Or maybe underneath it

Let me sit with you

Hold your hand

And just feel what is


What is

Right now

And now

And now


8 thoughts on “Some Love

  1. Not sure what is going on with Uranus these days or Neptune for that matter but we need Some Love as we recover from the election. May we channel anger and pain into compassionate action.

    • Yes, Uranus in Aries makes for some interesting times. It’s a hot and rebellious combination.
      I am grateful that Neptune went direct on Saturday after his 5 month retrograde in Pisces — clearing out confusion, making fantasies crumble. Time to get real. Time to put compassion into action, like you said.
      Much love to you today and always. WordPress was being tricky with me this morning, so sorry if you’ve gotten multiple notifications. xo


    • Hiya, beautiful Rena!
      Well, on the night of the Gemini SuperMoon (exact 4:06 pm PST on 12/13), I was hosting a gathering of women for my first Skincare 101 class!
      It was really fun – and such an honor to host a powerful group of women and talk about self-care. I had my crystals laid out in the center of the room to ground our energy, and rose petals strewn around them.
      I was still setting up as the women arrived, and everyone helped and supported the process.
      This is how women operate in the world!
      This is what female leadership looks like!
      Supporting each other and being supported.
      I wasn’t sure if I would commit to holding a monthly class, but the energy (Shakti) that arises from gatherings like this is too powerful to postpone. The world needs our Shakti more than ever now, don’t you think?
      Sorry to not really answer your question – I’m not being a very good astrologer these days 😉
      Much love.
      I’d love to know your Full Moon reflections and wisdom!


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