The Bitch Is Back

The bitch is back and she is sexy as fuck.  The bitch knows what she wants.  She can feel it, it is visceral.  She knows truth instantaneously.  And guess what folks, it’s not all roses out there.

The bitch is going to call shit like it is.  If it smells like shit: She is going to say something.

There are a few good men out there, backing up this bitch.

I would say, in this day and age, that men of color are more likely to “get it” when it comes to knowing how to support a woman who is knowing her own strength, knowing herself as a bitch.  Not “somebody’s” bitch, her own Bitch – y’all hear what I’m saying, right?

But, you know, it’s just a potential – and I’m partial to where I grew up and live now: the West Coast of the USA.  In so many ways, I speak to my own narrow perspective when I call out men of color as leaders of what might be known as “The Men’s Movement” in this country.  But listen, anyone reading…it’s gotta start somewhere.  It’s gotta start.  The male gender as a whole needs a big Heart Resuscitation.

Lately, I’ve been saddened and shaken by the numbness among men – I see it so starkly in men my own age, late thirties early forties…. Like I can’t even relate to their cynicism.  But, you know, age is just a number, and I’ve seen it revealed in men much older as well.  So clueless!

But – we must ask ourselves – where are the role models for men?


Like Hitler?

Like Freud?

Like Charles Manson?

Christopher Columbus?

Saddam Hussein?


So and so’s father who did this and that?

So and so’s husband who beat her?



And men, so many men all over the globe,

They feel so unloved, and so isolated

And so completely unsure of themselves




Unwilling to humble themselves

Before the true self

Unwilling to let their frozen hearts


Their minds


Their impulses

Hold back

And listen

.              .              .

Will you stop

And listen


.              .              .

I’m going to tell you

To give everything you can

To this Earth

Ma Gaea

And the women

And the children

Of it

Of this land

La Tierra

And the water

La Vida

.              .              .

I tell you

Men of the Earth

Now is the time

To become the most chivalrous

You have ever imagined a Man to be

.              .              .

Rise up Men

The Women of the Earth

Are calling you

To stand for what is right

.              .              .

.              .              .

And another thing,

If you have “mommy” issues

Or “daddy” issues

Call on the Great Mother

Call on the Earth and her Water

Call on all the Love buried inside you,

Aching to be alive in the world.

Call on the Great Father

All of Space and Time

Call on the Light within,

Your suffering will become your very Guru

In the light of Illumination

In the light of Love.

.               .               .

.               .               .


16 thoughts on “The Bitch Is Back

      • I’m saying that before we talk about men and physical intimacy, we have to address emotional (or the lack thereof) intimacy. And the root of it. My post described “what is”–not what should be or, better yet, what could be. For me, your post was a “we can do better” post–a lot better. And you made an impassioned plea, both recognizing the part of yourself that sells out from time to time to cater to men, as well as the problem of men not being aware or giving a shit to truly realize what it means to be IN relationship with someone. How’mIdoing?

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      • All of us need to get back into our hearts. Many men are polarized between their minds and their penises. The mind can’t be set free that way, and the body can’t experience real pleasure, real ecstasy that way. The gifts of surrendering in the heart are innumerable. Fall in love with that which is formless, that which can awaken in any form it chooses. Close your eyes to all that is being force-fed to you. Decide for yourself, what feels good? What actually supports you in feeling good about who you are and what you are doing in the world? The heart knows.

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      • Yeah, but that is all gibberish (sounding) to most men (no offense at all). Like I think I said in my post, the way that will happen is 1) surrendering to love (gibberish and rare); 2) getting stung by love (much more likely, but still not likely); 3) getting to a place of total emptiness because of the endless pursuit of (empty) sex (much more likely for many men).


      • Spoken like a true woman!!! Men reading it: wtf is she talking about? I think it’s so easy to forget that what comes naturally, easily, effortlessly and spontaneously to you.. doesn’t always carry for another gender–and vice-versa.


      • Namaste, Alex.
        I don’t know that this is about any gender divide….
        Maybe, possibly, it is about meeting in that slippery space where worlds collide. We can decide to block each other out as sounding like “gibberish.” We can decide to condemn each other or ignore each other in a myriad of ways.
        We can also choose, as Rumi so lovingly spoke of, to meet on a different plane:
        “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
        there is a field.
        I’ll meet you there.
        When the soul lies down in that grass,
        the world is too full to talk about.
        Ideas, language, even phrases like ‘each other’ no longer make sense.”

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      • And there’s the Freudian slip!
        Men are not babies.
        But many
        are a bit
        stuck in babyhood
        As in
        And have some kind of reward, pacifier, “teat” put in their open mouths


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      • Of course, I love Rumi. And I may sound a bit cynical here… but it’s just me trying to get into the thick of life–and not just living on the ethereal. Yes to everything you say pretty much always. But it’s also, for me, about getting into other people’s worlds. There is definitely a gender divide going on, imo. We speak on different planes of absolute and relativistic. Absolutely, there isn’t even “each other.” However, we also live in the relative world of duality. I try to hold both these truths together, simultaneously.


  1. Mercy double M. Who pissed in your Seriously though, a very strong post!
    If I may borrow from the IFCN on Chivalry:
    Chivalry spells out certain ethical standards that foster the development of manhood. Men are called to be: truthful, loyal, courteous to others, helpmates to women, supporters of justice, and defenders of the weak. They are also expected to avoid scandal.
    That being said…
    We often take who we are for granted—as if our beliefs and behaviors are fixed in stone. The truth is that we are creatures constantly in the making. We either move forward in our development, or backwards. Staying still is the same as going backwards. Why? Because the movement of time never holds still. We either progress with it, or are left behind.

    Love & Peace

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