To The One Who Explains Love

You have taken me, prodded me, across the Universe

into this human life

To teach me, yet again,

how real your Love is.

You have called me back to you, and I have chased your light

through many wormholes

of space and time, though many versions

of what I experience as “myself” –

Big and small

High and low

Holy and profane

Any shred of a notion that you or I or him or her or they or it could be separate from the whole

separate from each other

has slipped away

Like a dream that makes less and less sense as we wake up….


The one who explains love is laughing.

He says: “There is only one currency!” 

And I am laughing, too, and crying

as he speaks to me, driving the lotus of his heart directly into mine.

“Do you remember the parable of the son who returns to his father after many years of staying away and squandering his fortune?  

After so many years, so much loss, pain, struggle – he goes back to his family, haggard and tired and broken by his choices.  He’s done enough terrible things and caused enough damage that he really doesn’t expect much at this point.  But the father is running toward him upon his arrival.  He accepts his son with open arms.  

He only sees love returning.

The other son, who has stayed with his father and worked hard, playing it safe and proving his loyalty, is somehow unable to meet his returning brother with open arms.  He is jealous and feels threatened and is consumed by thoughts of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ and ‘this isn’t fair.’

We are all three: the son, the father, the brother.

It is the invisible nectar of love that can heal every wound, resolve every mistake and awaken us to real happiness.”

I am touching the feet of the one who explains,

and I feel the truth of his words:

“The only currency is love, children.” 


The one who explains love looks at me, dissolving me with his gaze.

His eyes are twinkling again.

The sky is full of meteors tonight, and my heart is in his hands.

He knows I am teachable now.



5 thoughts on “To The One Who Explains Love

    • It certainly is, Radiant Rena! Full Harvest Moon and lunar eclipse in Pisces, exact in exactly one hour. We are reaping the harvest (9 months into the calendar year) while quite possibly undergoing important transformation. 💫💫💫
      Where is Pisces in your chart? 💙


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