Full Moon in Capricorn and Here Comes the Leo Sun!

Pregnant Luna reaches fullness on July 19th at 3:57 pm PDT in the steady and hardworking sign of Capricorn. 

Her ripeness in Capricorn symbolizes the collective need to “get to work.”  What needs to be done?  This can mean finishing up lingering projects and crossing off the to-do list.  It can mean tuning in to your pragmatic side, the part of you that is willing to take things step-by-step as well as give things the final push.  It can also mean setting aside time to go within and look at the “bigger picture” of your existence.

If you believe in soul-contracts (agreements our souls make before taking birth), you might feel a sense of purpose bubbling up for you with this Full Moon.  You might even feel like your higher self is demanding that you show up and pay attention.  Old patterns and ways of being that don’t work are simply unsustainable now.  Capricorn is represented by the Goat, and she is concerned with functionality and practicality.  She is cardinal earth, which means she takes initiative to create grounded and tangible change.  She is here to weed out the behaviors and thought patterns that are stumbling blocks or traps.  She is high-functioning and helps us keep a steady pace on the path of life.  She is ruled by Saturn, the disciplinarian, which gives her major willpower and the ability to focus.

Luna’s exact fullness marks a void period until she enters Aquarius at 8:10 pm PDT.  The void Moon is a time to reflect, go within and listen.  Find the pause in the wheel of life; find perspective.

This Full Moon is also the celebration of Guru Purnima, a sacred festival originating from India and Nepal in which the teacher or guru is honored.  The Sanskrit word “guru” can be defined simply as “the darkness destroyer” (gu = darkness, ru = destroyer).  It is a great gift to experience a teacher who lights our path and brings us into greater awareness, understanding, respect and love.

It is beautiful to take some time with this Moon to offer thanks for those teachers and gurus who have guided us and supported us, who have challenged us and accepted us and loved us.  The true teacher is here to reflect the light within the student.  It is a blessing both ways.

During the Full Moon, the Sun lies directly opposite Luna.  The Sun is finishing up his stay in the waters of Cancer, and he is preparing to enter the domain of Leo this Friday (July 22nd) at 2:30 am PDT. 

The Sun illuminates the house in your chart that is ruled by the sign in which he is traveling.  We all have the entire zodiac within us, in different ways.  Each sign represents an “aspect” of being.  Leo is all about self-expression.  He is noble, courageous and charming.  He can come across as ego-centric or even selfish when his energy is out of balance.  In truth, Leo understands that self-love and self-expression are key components of spreading joy in the world.

The Sun will be joining Venus and Mercury in Leo, who entered the Lion’s Den last week, setting the stage for the pinnacle of Summer.  Leo values art, romance, creativity, family, love and performance.  Leo can be indulgent, like the ripe Summer harvest.  So: the self (Sun), the mind (Mercury) and feminine love energy (Venus) are all in the Lion’s Den together again – and the sign of fixed fire is igniting everyone’s sense of self.  The ego can also get ignited under this fire sign, and when too many aggrandized egos start crowding a room – well, we all know it ain’t pretty.

Hop off the ego train and use the fire of Leo to light up your purpose and your path. 

Your wellness, your brightness, your talent and your heart are much needed in the world.  This planet is in so much pain, so much confusion, and the wheel of karma is plowing forward at tremendous speed.  Can we respond with quiet kindness?  Can we offer the alchemy that is necessary to turn apathy into caring, hate into forgiveness and fear into love?

What we have considered “self” is the biggest lie that we have been feeding ourselves for centuries upon centuries.

Small self is a shadow of the truth of What Is. 

When small self thinks it is in charge, it feeds the creation of a false paradigm in which many small selves are competing for attention and power.  This has manifested as a world full of conflict, poverty, violence, abuse, pain and disease.

However, the Universe is self-correcting.  She may just self-correct humans out of existence if we can’t get our act together.

On another note, as La Luna wanes from her fullness into Crone and back into the darkness of new beginnings, Mars will be retracing his steps in Scorpio back into Sagittarius.  He has regained his usual speed after stationing direct, so any mire we may have been feeling from June 19th – July 12th should be clearing up or at least MOVING in a new direction by now.  This can also speak to desires coming to fruition, romance taking off (or falling apart), and inner conflict sorting itself out.

Mars energy is HOT, and he is currently heating up the final degrees of Scorpio (again).  Scorpio encourages shadow work and deep exploration of emotions and our sensual/sexual nature.  Scorpio is anything but superficial and she doesn’t care about societal norms, which is why she is so often shrouded in mystery.

For those of you who are geeky like me, you might find it useful to know that from now until our next New Moon, Mars will be retracing the same territory he was in from:

May 27th – June 12th

February 22nd – March 7th

Mars energy is powerful, and this past Mars retrograde certainly threw me for a loop, so I wanted to share these dates for the sake of reflection.

Mars will re-enter Sagittarius on August 2nd on the day of the New Moon.

This is potent energy available to us, dear ones!

I wish you magickal transformation and radical self-love.


Misfit Mystic



Full Moon photo by the talented Michael Ludwig.  Find his writings and more photos at 5edges.wordpress.com




14 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn and Here Comes the Leo Sun!

    • Thank you, Alex. So glad you are taking interest in the astrology stuff! So the Capricorn Full Moon influence is really a marker, or a guide. Reckless Rena (below) points out that Moon transits happen relatively quickly (Luna spends an average of 2.5 days in each sign). Harnessing the meaning of the Capricorn Full Moon in your life is like riding a wave of energy – it offers a push even after Luna has switched signs. Also, see RR’s comment regarding the lasting effect of Guru Purnima.
      Luna is actually transiting into Aquarius at this very moment, and the Aquarian influence is much more about rebellion, liberation, freedom, equality and spunk. Tuning in with the Moon on a daily basis is a practice I have been doing for many years. Her “moods” offer us an emotional and introspective understanding of the energetic “climate” surrounding us.
      However, I (like many astrologers) choose to share the mood of Luna when she is New and when she is Full because those times are like clear snapshots for the terrain we are traveling in the astrological/spiritual realm.

      So — tackle that unfinished business! Ain’t nothing stopping you! XOXO

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      • Yes! I’ve been using Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook for many years. It focuses on planetary and asteroid transits, with a great mix of spellwork and Wiccan lore. Astro.com is a great resource, and it is the website I use for pulling charts (using the whole sign house system in Tropical Timezone astrology).
        But, to really track, you need an ephemeris! My ephemeris tracks from 1950-2050 (it’s the TRANS-CENTURY EDITION) haha xoxo

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  1. If it is okay to add- I personally believe that the significance of the transiting Moon is very transient as she moves so fast. Even though the natal Moon is one of the most powerful points in your horoscope its transits may go by without too much notice. Exceptions to this rule occur whenever there is a major change of phase as there is now with the powerful full moon of Guru Purnima. You may feel the influence for one to four weeks. For the most part this transit may emphasize the nature of the natal planet that is being transited at this time. Also the Moon transit through the house of your birth chart may signify the areas of your life to which you should turn your greatest attention- don’t you think MM?

    All hail beautiful Leo Summer Sun!

    Reckless Rena


    • Thank you, RR – I love our dialogue on here.
      Your comments and perspective are most welcome!
      Yes, Moon transits are quick – you are totally right about that. However, at the point of the Full Moon and the New Moon, the vibratory energy of Luna in the sign she is transiting is crystallized, so to speak. The exact Full Moon in Capricorn points us to hone in on the influence of Capricorn in our lives, and yes – in the area in our chart that is ruled by Capricorn. In my natal chart, that would be my 8th house of sex, death and taxes….oh my!
      I have only just begun learning about Guru Purnima — how cool to know that this influence can be felt for 1-3 weeks!
      I’ve had to face many challenges recently, and somehow I am surrounded by grace, support and dignity. My teachers have given me the awareness that I deserve love and respect. They have pointed to the light within me when I sit and sing and pray in their presence.
      What a gift receive this guidance, this shepherding.
      Namaste, beautiful one.


  2. This is a wonderful and illuminating post. I’m a fringe reader in astrology but do find it all very fascinating. I’m a Leo and I can feel the heat…it must be my time of the year 😉 You are a talented writer and my go-to blog for these matters. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Michael

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