Full Moon, Litha and the Mutable Grand Cross


Blessings upon you, dear ones!

The Northern Hemisphere is celebrating Litha (aka Midsummer/Summer Solstice) and the rare occasion that the Full Moon falls upon it!  The last time we experienced this alignment of Litha and the Full Moon was in June of 1967, and we won’t experience such a close alignment again until June, 2062.

Litha is official when the Sun enters Cancer tomorrow at 3:34 pm PDT.  There is a going within as we turn from the external and inquisitive sign of Gemini into the very introverted sign of the Crab.  Cancer energy can be hard to understand or connect to unless you yourself have a clear understanding of Cancer in your personal astrology.  However, we can all relate to the pull to create a hard shell to protect the soft and succulent tenderness within us.  While we have the Sun in Cancer for the next 4 ½ weeks (and Venus in Cancer until July 11th), there is a supportive influence to honor our inner world, our home, our family and loved ones.  All water signs are direct channels for emotions, and Cancer sometimes has a reputation for passive aggressive behavior because of her need for safety and protection.  If emotions are leaking out without clear communication, we can feel muddy and stuck.  When we notice this in ourselves or others, we have the opportunity to remember how tender we all really are, back up, give space and honor the boundaries.

Along with the Solstice Full Moon, we are also experiencing the Mutable Grand Cross of Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Virgo.  Mutable means change.  The planets are reflecting the story of our human lives, both individual and collective.  We exist within the pattern, just as the pattern exists within us.  We are all formless, genderless, fearless souls – even as we walk in the body and identify ourselves and each other as this or that.  It is by exquisite chance that we even exist.  We are magical by very nature.  And we are here to do specific work.

Both Saturn and Neptune are retrograde at this time (the Neptune retrograde began recently ~ last Monday 6/13 at 1:43pm PDT).  Both Saturn and Neptune are going to stay in their respective signs (yay!).  They are currently making a tight square at 12° of Sagittarius and Pisces, and this can feel discordant and conflicting, but it can also bring us into balance with the spectrum of our human needs.

Saturn is structure, definition, rules and boundaries.  Saturn in your natal chart is where you might find yourself most challenged and where you have to work the hardest, but also where you experience the most growth and reward.  Saturn has a much lighter vibration in Sagittarius than he did in Scorpio, and most people I know are delighted that we will not experience the Scorpionic Saturn return for another 28 years – that was some gritty territory!  Neptune is dreams, creativity, fantasy and psychic awareness.  Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, and Pisces is all about feeling, loving, forgiving and merging.  Saturn can appear to be raining on our party if we need a reality-check, if we need help with boundaries, or if we have been keeping our talents hidden from the world.  Neptune might look like the jerk who is making a mess of things if we are too attached to a certain way of being.  This can speak to releasing all pre-conditioned thinking as well as allowing movement to occur in our relationships, in our lifestyles and in our careers.

Neptune loves unconditionally.  Neptune retrograde wants us to review and reckon with the creative space that is the open heart.  Neptune is going to continue his backward motion until November 20th, so don’t be surprised if your heart feels like it’s being held open by external forces during this time.  Saturn will station direct on August 13th, at which point a certain clarity around the structures of home/career/relationships will be encouraged.

La Luna reaches exact fullness at 4:02 am PDT tomorrow (Monday) morning in 29° Sagittarius.  She swiftly moves into Capricorn at 4:55 am, where she will remain until early Wednesday afternoon.  Sag is the adventurous archer, giving the moment of the Full Moon a magical and free-spirited flavor.  But Luna in Capricorn takes a grounded approach to the larger magic of Litha and the Mutable Grand Cross.  Capricorn wants to be on the ground, fixing what needs to be fixed and plowing forward.  The Goat thrives off hard work, and she could care less about your fantasies unless they relate to a tangible, structural reward.  As the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn initiates action, but she also brings us back into the body.  Working out, sex, conscious eating and bodywork are always wonderful things to do, and even more so with Luna releasing her fullness in Capricorn.

The planetary energy is culminating in a very beautiful way at this time.

Now, beautiful does not necessarily mean easy – this is also a time of great upheaval and change, but those of us who are ready and willing to ride the waves of change will find that there is truly a power of goodness that is kneading us like dough, working out all our knots and stuck places.  We see this on an individual scale and a collective scale.  We are bumping right up against the structures that are no longer working, AND we are being called to let down our guard.  Let your transformation occur.  YOU hold the keys to universal change.  There is no martyrdom in that – this is like the opposite of heavy.  Despite how outrageous, gross, heavy, difficult and uncool things may seem – the solution is your freedom.  The cornerstone of collective growth, collective healing and collective awakening is YOUR FREEDOM.  I’m not talking 2nd Amendment freedom (haha, ugh) – I’m talking about your complete liberation from anything and everything that keeps you from seeing YOURSELF as wholly divine.

THAT freedom.

Blessed Be.


Photo Credit: 

Michael Ludwig @ http://www.5edges.wordpress.com

Luna at 10 pm PDT on 6.18.16 near Seattle, WA USA 

Michael shares images of Luna with me often and with such grace.

18 thoughts on “Full Moon, Litha and the Mutable Grand Cross

  1. I couldn’t understand all of what you’re saying, but I did get out (twice) last night to witness and experience the celestial alignments.

    First was shortly after midnight. La Luna was perfectly south, framed by cedar silhouettes on my avenue. I walked down to the Sound and she was shining brightly despite the overcast. There are times when a wispy cirrus almost appears *behind* our sister planet, but these clouds were lower, thicker, and with just the right opacity to adorn her with their darker dynamics.

    In turn, as their breezy swim through the sky would bring them through her radiance, they became brilliantly illuminated. A Lunar benediction. I could feel the microscopic colors being scattered within the myriad molecules of water vapor assembled into the commutative shapes. I shifted my consciousness to them. Suspended with a divine buoyancy, fully compliant with every subtle flow and transformation ~ never attached to a single form or function. The patience and submission they revealed in accepting that “reality is eternal” was humbling. My smile quivered slightly, no doubt adding vibrational ripples to the infinite dynamics shaping the fluid flows and altering someone else’s sky somewhere, somewhen, further down the stream of time. I continued to the waterside.

    I found that the tide had been pulled very high. I looked out at the moon hovering over everything ~ mountains, water; a lone, silent sailboat awaiting its next voyage. Everything was quiet. My eyes were a little misty themselves ~ perhaps lending themselves to diminutive consciousnesses within me, and bearing their own solemn witness to the miracle of existence.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    I proceeded to spend the night researching hosting options. You’ve inspired me to start a blog. I also found your telling of increased physical energies to be spot on. I worked out all night (interspersed with my research and configuring infrastructure). That’s not really rare, but last night was different. I was having physical epiphanies throughout. I’m laughing just remembering how delightful and joyous it all was.

    I went back out at dawn (~4:30 AM) to watch the Sun rise and the Moon set. I missed the latter, and it must have been quite spectacular to watch her descend behind the Olympics. Still, the morning was one to cherish. Crepuscular rays beaming over my head from behind me (I was facing directly west, looking over the Sound). I did yoga on the stone steps that were partially submerged in the high tide. A cruise ship was slowly making its way northward. I wondered how many aboard were awake and witnessing the solstice dawn. I blessed them all and jogged home. (NB: I haven’t run in years.)

    I just want to say thank you. Something has shifted. Ratcheted even. I don’t think I’ll need to fall backward from here. It feels solid. Everything has changed. I’ve got work to do 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bless you, Zuben. Reality is eternal, indeed. You have a beautiful way with words ~~ i look forward to reading your blog!
      Thank you for sharing your witness to Luna ♡ it is good to look upon her, find rhythm with her and speak of her often. I feel like she keeps us in check, in a good way 🤓😜


      • Thank you, but I actually want to apologize for the verbiage. I think I’ve been isolated for too long and thoughts are just hemorrhaging now.

        I’m pretty excited about the blog prospect. I think it might fit with some other projects I’m already working on. I secured a “.net” TLD because I wanted to lend my node to a greater network of thinkers, activists, gurus, artists, and just anyone with an inquisitive spirit that might be inspired to listen in and/or contribute to a wider dialogue. I can see this dovetailing with my work in VR.

        Eventually, I think it’s inevitable that a metaverse will be upon us, and us within it. I plan to develop its first church. Nondenominational of course 🙂 It’s going to be a beacon transmitting solfeggio frequencies around the world (and hopefully, receiving and relaying as well). The whole experience is going to be about conscious intention. There’s going to be an archive with four dimensional (VR) experiences of physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, spirituality, noetics, and a “chakral ascension” sequence that I’d started work on last year (everything else grew from that seed). My vision is to develop a virtual sanctuary with educational, spiritual, aesthetic, and therapeutic resources. Completely free of any and all currency except for love and imagination.

        I anticipate this need, as, unlike the Internet, VR will begin its existence under firm corporate directive. (Oculus, since being purchased by FB, is already walling its garden and obstructing and undermining our early attempts to establish a healthy and open development ecosystem). Monoculture is doom wherever it appears in nature. VR will be no different; only accelerated.

        Yikes. Sorry if this sounds political or is polluting in any way. I’m very new at social networking, so please guide me if I trample over well-established protocol and social norms. Thanks again for letting me air out my head. I hope not to abuse that kindness.


  2. Hello Grandtrines. Just a heads up if you’re shopping for hosting providers. There remain only a few that are independent. NameCheap is pretty open and respected. They’re also partners with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and FightForTheFuture.org. I ultimately went with an InMotion package for various reasons, and so far I’m happy with it.

    The research is still pretty fresh if I can offer any help.


  3. Dear Mystic One,
    This is the charming, good looking bartender you met at the Alehouse the other night 🙂
    Interesting blog. When you come back in, the next drink is on me! (Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to contact you personally……..)

    Liked by 1 person

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