Go slow with me

Inch by inch

Treat me like the life you want to live over again

And over and over

Relishing each moment and each stroke

But go slow

For I have many valleys


On my part,

There is a decision to be conscious

To be awake

It is a big decision

To not check out

To not just “let it happen”

To choose


Go slow

I want to stay awake

I DESIRE the freedom to be vast

Will you show me

How vast I really am?


Memories are stored in our flesh

Sensation evokes emotion

I could pretend

It isn’t happening

But wouldn’t you rather know the truth

Even if it means that I say stop

hang on, i need a minute

Even if it means I sob, curled away from you

After deep, intense, amazing sex

I would understand your cognitive dissonance

with my state of affairs

But there is something to be said for stamina,

and patience


I have no clue

How long this will take

Or when and how my libido will change

As you navigate the entire terrain

That is my body

My history

My vessel for this life

I make no guarantees

I am a grown woman, but there are places you will touch that will make me feel 12 or 7 or 80 years old

Please let me be that conscious

Please let me tell you the secrets I have kept

And watch the light of awareness brighten between us

Can you feel this now?


My ecstatic nature is in your hands

And only I know when I feel safe enough

To give it to you

Only I know how to trust my own knowing

But you

You speak to me in ways

That remind me

And encourage me

And bring me

Into the light of my being


So darling, where would you like to begin?

My folds and curves are many.

Where will you embark upon the journey tonight?

Oh, here?

Yes….good….I like that.

Go slow with me, baby.



8 thoughts on “Slowly

    • Yes….
      It’s like breaking up adhesions in the body by using myofascial release. One must go so, so slowly. Slower than you think. Let the body awaken to itself and know itself. Stay with it. For every body, every soul, knows how to heal when given safety and support. Each of us can accesss the ecstatic nature of our being – it is our birthright! 💖


  1. I’m trying 🙂 ❤ Is that a picture of you?

    He ate and drank the precious Words, his Spirit grew
    robust; He knew no more that he was poor, nor that his
    frame was Dust.
    ~Emily Dickinson

    …a letter is a joy of earth. It is denied the Gods.

    Liked by 1 person

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