Gemini New Moon with Venus Conjunction

When the New Moon occurs in Gemini this evening (June 4th) at 8:00pm PDT, the luminous Venus is right next to that Sun/Moon conjunction (all three planets inside of 14 degrees Gemini).  This is a special time.  Not only are we beginning a new lunar cycle and (consciously or unconsciously) setting intentions, we are also literally “lined up” with the planet of love and divine feminine energy.  But we are on our side of the Sun and Venus is on the other, so we can’t directly see her these days.  Right now, Venus is almost cazimi (in the heart of the Sun).  She forms her superior conjunction with the Sun on Monday, and the effect of Venus cazimi can be felt for several days before and after this conjunction – even more so if your Sun, Moon, North Node or rising sign is in Taurus or Libra (both ruled by Venus).

When a planet is cazimi, it is strengthened through a temporary weakening.  It is both illuminated and immobilized.  When absorbed by the light of the Sun, the cazimi planet is no longer operating on its own accord.  There is a surrender that takes place, and a burning away of falsehood much like purification.  Venus cazimi is invisible to us, but illuminated unto herself.  She is feeding upon the Sun’s brightness. 

Venus has been hiding from our view since April when she ceased her role as the morning star.  She will return to her other role as the evening star in August (I can’t wait because I am NOT a morning person, but I LOVE staring at Venus).  Right now, she is collecting knowledge and experience as she travels through Gemini.  This is a time for information gathering about things you love and things you desire.  This is a time to explore the edges of your beliefs, including beliefs about your very identity, what you like and what makes you feel good.

This time may also be pointing to questions about purpose.  Is there a wildly wonderful dream that you’ve been sitting on?  Do you want it to become real?  Make a plan of action now!  Let the plan be led by your desire…..and give thanks for that which is manifesting through your desire!  Receive the messages that come.

Venus rolls into Cancer on June 17th at 12:39pm PDT, and at that point there may be some sensitivities that arise in the realm of love, as well as an urge to protect and shield that which is dear to us.  Take the next couple weeks to really ride on the Gemini energy, which is very cerebral, creative, analytical and fun.

The other very interesting thing that is happening with this New Moon is the mutable grand cross that is formed by Moon/Sun/Venus opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, and squaring Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo on one side, and Neptune and the South Node in Pisces on the other.  So, the mutable energies of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are creating a powerful cross image.  Mutable means changeable, and willingness to change is exactly what this grand cross is encouraging and maybe even demanding from us.

As always, it is so important to understand your own natal chart in order to interpret planetary happenings for yourself personally.  If you know nothing else, know your rising sign!  Your rising sign determines which sign rules the first house of “your zodiac.”  For me, Gemini rules my first house, and this New Moon/Venus conjunction is happening right between my ascendant and my Lilith.

Gemini loves change the most out of all the signs – change as in variety, diversity and the newest information.  Gemini isn’t here to reinvent the wheel like Aquarius (the revolutionary) – Gemini wants to look at the tapestry of it all, Gemini wants to connect the dots and above all, keep things INTERESTING.  Gemini loves and needs to talk (or write).  Gemini craves communication, the wittier the better.

On Sunday, La Luna is void (making no major aspects) in Gemini until entering Cancer at 8:41pm PDT.  In general, the New Moon is a time to gather ourselves, nurture ourselves, go within and reflect.  We are in a liminal space of transformation, and we are shedding a skin, so to speak.  Planting seeds of intention at this time, with or without ritual, is very powerful and very in tune with the rhythm of Gaia, our Earth.  This is a very receptive time and potentially a vulnerable time.  When Luna is void on Sunday, be advised to hold off on judgment about anything and everything!  There are messages that might be coming through to you.  Let your thoughts die down so you can receive them.  If you hear only silence, what is the silence gifting you?

When Luna rolls into Cancer on Sunday evening, there may be a feeling of contraction, an awareness of your vulnerability and an urge to protect yourself emotionally.  Luna rules Cancer, and she is strong while riding through the sign of her domain.  Cancer is all about nurturing and empathizing, but without a sense of security she will suffer.  She can teach us a lot about self-love if we are willing to listen to her needs for both closeness and boundaries.

Quick Mars reminder:  Mars continues his reverse plunge backwards in Scorpio until June 29th, when he stations direct.  Rapid and decisive change is common with Mars retrograde.  In Scorpio, Mars leaves no stone unturned and no closet unopened.  The house ruled by Scorpio in your natal chart is getting a real tune-up with the planet of action and motivation re-carving his tracks.  However, Mars is not a feel-good planet, so the energy might feel a bit abrasive, competitive or even angry at times.  By honoring the spectrum of emotions within us, and by recognizing emotion simply as energy, the loaded fire of Mars can become a tool for empowerment versus a dangerous cannon.


New Moon
New Moon
Sing me your tune
As I slide invisible
Under your skin
Gemini Moon
Swing Moon
I’ll melt in you soon
Your eyes match my eyes
Your smile matches my grin
Into your darkness I ride
Both exquisite and strange
The future untold
All that’s promised is change




16 thoughts on “Gemini New Moon with Venus Conjunction

  1. I’ve never really followed astrology but it does amaze me how dead on it can be… as a gemini, i’m excited about what you’ve shared and can also confirm the traits you speak of for us twins. 😉

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  2. Thank you Double M

    Art thou pale for weariness
    Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
    Wandering companion-less
    Among the stars that have a different birth,
    And ever-changing like a joyless eye
    That finds no object worth its constancy?

    by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 – 1822)

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  3. It also depends on your natal moon sign, how it is aspected and what house it is in. I am a Virrgo sun with my moon 2 degrees Gemini in the sixth house so this transit had significant meaning for me (even though moon transits are so fast they are usually not taken too seriously.)

    I didn’t know you were into astrology. Cool! I stumbled up this blog. So cool!

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    • Well, Mercury just transited your natal Moon a couple days ago – interesting. In that light, I am very curious about your thoughts around having a Gemini Moon. Are you fickle by nature? Polyamorous? Androgynous? Does witty banter and intellectual exchange feed your soul?
      Since Gemini rules your 6th house, your ascendant must be in Capricorn, steadfast and hardworking (also, home of Pluto until 2023). Your Virgo Sun is in the ninth house of travel, philosophy and world view. Jupiter is expanding your Virgo Sun until September 9th when he transitions into Libra.
      So, now I know your Sun, Moon and rising signs – but I have no clue who YOU are, Anonymous!
      I pray, do tell – as it sounds like you know me.
      Either way, blessings upon you.


  4. No, Sag is my ascendent (10 degrees)- curious, tending towards spirituality and philosophy, willingness to keep a sense of humor. Virgo sun is modified- have to work on my concentration and attention to detail. And yes, my Sun is on my mid-heaven but I have only achieved great things spiritually. Yes, witty banter and intellectual exchange feeds my soul but I am a woman in a traditional marriage. I love my Gemini moon but but sometimes it tears me apart by changing changing feelings and indecisiveness. I know you are very much a Libra (lover of music, nature, beauty) but look more like a Taurus. You should do this for a living! Tell us what you know about Neptune retrograde. Signed, a Secret Admirer hint: you and I are both straight women who both love two petite women with dark hair.

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    • Oh my gosh! I love this! Thank you so, so much for telling me I should do this for a living. It is such a passion for me, a language that is both logical and artistic, romantic and pragmatic.
      I am TOTALLY going to talk about Neptune retrograde with my upcoming Full Moon this weekend. But yeah, Neptune went retrograde in Pisces this past Monday at 1:43pm PDT. Time to dissolve fantasies! Time to review our dreams! More soon….
      Back to you – thank you for the information about your ascendant being in Sag. I practice Tropical Timezone astrology using the whole sign house system, in which your rising sign falls IN the 1st house rather than beginning it. Does that make sense? I can’t know for sure because I don’t have your birth time & place – but in the whole sign house system I’m guessing that Gemini actually rules your 7th house of relationships and significant others! Does that feel like it might fit for you? And considering that your Moon is in your Gemini house….how does that feel?
      There is no one right or wrong house system – but I have my reasons for using the whole sign system. Mainly – I think it keeps the ego out of the game! Or lessens it, anyway 😉 — I can expand if you want, just ask.
      I think it is very interesting that you say I look like a Taurus because in Vedic astrology my ascendant IS Taurus! At this point in time, Vedic (sidereal) astrology is 23 degrees BEHIND Tropical Timezone astrology. Which is why my ascendant is Gemini — and I do relate to that. But I do look very Taurian….maybe we have had this conversation??
      So I’m guessing by the clue you gave me — these petite women with dark hair who we both love….does one have a name beginning with G and ending with A? And does the other have a name Beginning with S and ending with A? And does your name begin with L and end with A? OR….does your name begin with R and end with A?
      ^ just trying to protect privacy

      Am I close??? haha — thank you for the game, Anonymous – much love.

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  5. Yes, you got it all right with your deductive Libra reasoning. I shall reveal myself to you on the night of the magical Solstice moon. Yes Gemini rules my seventh house and my moon is in my 6th house( 2 degree.) Hope to know about you astrologically someday! And I look forward to hearing more about Neptune retrograde in Pisces- rumbling to and fro in my 4th house!

    Much love, I remain- Anonymous

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    • I look forward to seeing you on this Solstice/Full Moon! It will be a magical time, indeed.
      I’m 99% sure I know who you are now 🙂

      Much love, much grace and Jai Jai Ma 🌸🌸🌸


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