Like a moth to a flame,

I’m drawn to the light of illumination

It pulls me in and I can’t look away

I can’t resist its warmth

and beauty

and the love I feel

as I draw near

Ohhh, beauty

Destroy me


Whenever I leave, whenever I fly away

or fold myself against this flame

I find I miss it

crave it

need it

I am suffering without it, and why have I forgotten?

Why, why, why did I turn away?

Instantly, out of my longing

the flame returns….

It is not of this place

It is not of any conditional or material circumstance

It is eternal, and flowing like a mineral spring

of complete, undying mystery


I feel it like reaching for a sweet, ripe fruit

The taste is already on my tongue

but something in this devotional space

is letting me savor the want,

the desire

the longing

An ache for complete merging with this,

the Divine

The arguments for conditional love and happiness

are simply falling apart;

concepts, beliefs, assumptions

are dismantled and strewn across the floor

when the spotlight of love shines

upon the foundation of your mind

The spotlight of love

spits you into the void

and shows you

your own endless nature


Do you feel me now?


Spaciousness appears….

Everything in you is bowing,

forehead to the ground

Like a bee, you seek

the pollen,

this dust from the feet of the One who gives


and takes it all away

Show me how to lie down

and Surrender everything

Like Shiva lying in ecstasy

beneath Kali’s lotus feet

God Himself is set free

by the Mother of Everything

Timeless, Deathless, Changeless, Nameless One

Annihilate me


The journey of Moksha,

the liberation from self-identification

the freedom from me and mine

Lifetime after lifetime,

like stringing beads on a mala,

I polish my heart with the dust of Her lotus feet

I wash my mind in the dust of Her lotus feet

I long to become

the dust of Her lotus feet

All that is left of “me” and my knowing of


anything at all

is just a plea,

repeated over and over:

let me be that

the dust of Her lotus feet



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