Today is the Day

I was going to tell you of my struggles,

But today is not the day for that.

Today is the day to love everyone

Forgive everyone

Embrace everyone

And empty the contents of your heart onto the drawing board of life.


Look at the stars

The secret is out there

They are the writing on the wall,

Mirroring everything about us.

The stars shine bright in the dark, dark sky

The darker, the better

Then the more alive, the more lustrous the stars become

Do you ever look at this sky and despise the darkness, but love the light?

Probably not.

It would be so strange to say:

“Only the light is beautiful!”

Without that black night sky

And that empty space

How could we realize

This heavenly creation?


Today is the day to love and forgive, as many times as you can.

Let that be your only race.

And the good news is,

You have all the time in the world.

What a gift.


Sat Nam


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