Genetic Lottery

I’ve been hearing the term “genetic lottery” a lot lately, I don’t know why.  And it irritates me for some reason.  I’m in the line at the grocery store, and my reflection is picture perfect women and Bill Cosby.  I go in nature and my reflection is the trail, trees, wildness and waterfalls.  I wake up with my to-do list of concerns, and my whole day has a pattern of problem-finding.  I wake up in love, and I find beauty in every person, in every surprise, in every “mistake.”

We are all bones and blood and skin.  We all won some kind of lottery.

We bounded to Earth, begging to do this again, to have another shot at experiencing the IS-NESS of this life.  The vast array of wonderment here.

Density.  The senses.  Forgetting and remembering how to love.  Redemption.  Forgiveness.


Everything that makes you willing to shed the body again without fear.  Everything that gives impartial existence a bleeding, beating, loving heart —

It all exists on this Earth plane.

Genetic lottery.

Congratulations, you are here.  You made it into form to give this planet everything you are, everything you have.  You contain the precise genetic code that gives you access to the entire Universe.

That place in you, that secret source – that is the gateway to the living water.  It is the entrance and the beginning of that which never dies, that which is changeless, deathless, and has no name and many names simultaneously.

Please share it, for if not in this lifetime, then when??

What are the odds, what are the chances, of being born again into a world of such high stakes and so many options in ways to Play?

The secret is out.

It’s written all over your face!

Everything about you, dear one, is God.

And you are here, wandering star,

to walk yourself Home



Sat Nam

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