Return to the Self

Return to the Self
Not the small self
Who believes it is separate
Who believes it has any chance of winning or losing
Some imaginary war
Return to the Supreme Self
Bring everything you have
All your riches
All your depravity
All your cunning and desire and broken pieces
The Self awaits to consume
Every aspect of your being
With a love that is unspeakable
The light of the Self shines so brightly
And the mind is so opaque
It cannot fathom the brightness
This light of love
Is going to burn it all
Until only truth remains
There is a relief in truth
A lightness in truth
It is egolessness
Truth does not aggrandize itself
Or diminish itself
It is what it is
Truth will not be realized by force
It is the opposite of that
It is letting go
Death to ego
Even as you caress the image of your false identity
Even as you clutch to a story of who you are supposed to be
Forget the story
Forget the assumption that there must be a story
Even as countless stories are playing out on the world stage
Every drama of life unfolding
Moment to moment
Creating concentric ripples like rain on a lake
So many of them!
Even so,
Stillness abides
When we step into the chamber
Of the Witness
Like stepping off the wheel of Karma
Into Grace
Any itch of thinking that anything should or could be different
Than it is right now
Anything else, can fall away
Your past or future or even present circumstance
Has no bearing on the eternal presence that resides
In you and as you
This presence that knows what a journey you are on
And says ‘Yes’
To the path you are carving
As you make your way home
Sat Nam

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