My religion is LEFT

The younger son has been asking me
“What is your religion?”
I tell him I don’t have one
or my religion is Love
I think he’s trying to understand
How someone can love God without religion
It got me thinking, though
If I were to have a religion
Maybe I would name it LEFT
as in
as in
What is left of you when everything else falls away
and you are left only with the shining core of your Being
The stars and planets circle to the left, in a counterclockwise rotation
How do they know?
Oh yes
They keep the secrets of Time
The shock when you realize
that it has always been there
Even as it is right now
This Love
This nameless changeless formless guide
The One who waits
The Love that will wait forever for you
residing so near
as long as it takes
Never forcing, never bending your will
It waits
It meets you wherever you are
It finds great pleasure in the deconstruction of your castles of illusion
It waits and it watches you
As you dismantle the castle, the place you ran to hide
Brick by brick
tearing it down
Out of the ashes, a new fortress is rising up
as the old one crumbles away
as you find yourself returning
The shock will make you bow
And if we are Eternal
What then?
What is the journey that spans lifetimes?
What is the story that wants to be told?
Some kind of redemption beckons at the heart of every seeker
Some forgiveness spilling out
As waterfalls, as rivers
Rushing and flowing back to the Ocean
Rushing with the cry
“Oh dear one, how could I have forgotten the truth about your being?”
“How sweet it is to remember you!”
Flowing with the songs
of surrender
Whispering your Name on quiet days
Awake in silent ecstasy upon leaving the self behind
It’s a truth
that belongs to everyone
that cannot be stolen
that is never destroyed
It’s all that remains
It’s all that’s left
when everything else falls away
Sat Nam

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