Lullaby to the ego

The ego is like a neglected child
Pining for attention
Acting out to get noticed
Acting out of fear
for it has forgotten that in truth
it is never lost
and its parents are always closer than its very breath
The unchecked ego is running around
like a chicken with its head cut off
Like a loose cannon
not knowing which way to run or who to shoot
It is exhausting to carry an ego like this
The ego and the mind battling for control
In a place of stillness,
some perspective comes
when one has received a deeper nourishment than food and shelter can provide
a certain care emanates from the heart
a certain softness takes over
In this place the Universe expands
and wealth and popularity are zeroed out for everyone
It’s a story! This shroud we carry
The experience is free, the story adds the weight
How much weight do you want in this lifetime?
And if you put your story down,
do you believe in flight?
Sweet ego
You have been trying so hard
for so long
You deserve a rest
Thank you for protecting me and fighting for me and running when the need arose
Thank you for seeking pleasure when the world felt bleak,
for digging for the sparkle amidst the rubble.
Can you soothe the ego
like you would soothe a neglected child?
You might have to hold it for a long time
Keep it warm and let it feel your heartbeat
until it feels safe enough
to relax its grip
and let the Grace that you are
take the reigns
If your ego wakes up from nightmares, not to worry
just rock it back to its resting place
Sweet one, sleep
It’s time for flying lessons

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